About the Author

Janice Elizabeth Duval (Jan) is a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her father changed careers and joined the Army when she was 2 years old, and so she was raised in a military environment.  She met her husband, Aaron, also a military man, at Fort Knox, KY and their marriage allowed her to travel to several countries, which broadened her life experiences. She and her husband of 58 years have a total of seven children, six sons and one daughter.

Growing up as an only child, and an Army Brat, Jan learned early on to be content without having a large group of people around her. She entertained herself with books, listening to the radio and making up plays for her parents.

In High School she excelled in History and Literature and Drama. Her formal education was interrupted multiple times by the many relocations as her family followed her dad’s service career. 

Jan was a late bloomer and made financial services her career choice. She has a desire to help young families, teaching them financial strategies. In 2009 she decided to enter into a three-year course of study in a Bible School in Toledo, Ohio, majoring in Kingdom Economics. Learning so much about ‘Market Place’ ministry made her aware of the need to have more insight into psychology and human behavior, so she decided to enroll in the Counseling and Deliverance tract at the same school, after her graduation in 2012. This added an additional 2 years to her study. Upon completion of that tract of study she received a certificate as a Family Life Specialist.

These accomplishments seem to remain dormant, but there is a purpose for everything and a time to enter new areas. Jan’s focus has been women’s spiritual/wellness ministry; and teaching women’s bible classes and she continues to minister in intercession and deliverance. She has also had multiple opportunities to lead classes with both men and women.

She was active in Charismatic women’s groups like Aglow International, and joined her husband attending Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship meetings all over the United States in the 70s and 80s. She and her husband participated in many marches for Jesus, camp meetings and saw marvelous evidences of God’s amazing grace as they traveled with their family.

The inspiration for My Father’s Voice came as she sought a deeper knowledge of God through prayer and Bible study during the Charismatic Renewal in the mid-70s. There was this hunger to know God, not as described by others, but who God, himself, described his identity. This pursuit led to many years of journaling. The journaling became a blog and now culminating in this book. For more details about Jan and her writing, visit the My Father’s Voice blog. To contact Jan, please send her an email.