The Beginnings

Back in the beginning of my journey with the Lord, I pined for a personal word from Him. This was during the Charismatic Renewal and often in meetings, a word would be spoken to individuals and it brought such awe to those of us who heard it, as well, I am sure, to the person to whom it was directed. I soon learned that if that word was something I had been seeking God about, I could adopt it as my own and I often did, but that did not satisfy my longing.

One morning while I was reading and praying I sensed an urge to write some thoughts down and this is what I wrote:

My child I am with you. You need not search for Me. I will never leave you or turn from you. Trust Me in all things; seek Me in all things. Look for My will in all things.

Yield not to your own desires, but seek My desire. Give Me totally your heart and let Me replenish you. I will guide you through all places

Tenderly love and care for you. Comfort and soothe you. Strengthen and build you. Nourish and care for you in all things. Look to Me, I am your Help, your Rock, your Shield, your Fortress. I am your God!

I am sharing this because some of us are still longing for God to speak to us from the mouth of a ‘prophet’ when we ourselves have access to His person. We don’t need any other go-between than Jesus. We don’t need a human to tell us what God thinks of us or what He wants to say to us. He is willing to tell us, if we ask.

Testing the validity of what we hear is important. It must always line up with the word of God. I did not know much about what I heard, but I did know that if it was contrary to the Word of God, it was not God. Father always confirms His word in as many ways as necessary for you to know that He is speaking to you. This began my journey in learning to hear and recognize my Father’s voice.